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Memphis man cleared in robberies

Robbie Chandler hopes you never see his face on TV or his name in print again.

"Everyone I go, people are looking at me. I'm having to explain myself everywhere I go," he said.

Chandler's picture was released by police as a suspect in a series of robberies where men impersonated police officers. A police affidavit says Chandler was named along with a second suspect by Brent Elliot, a man arrested for a similar crime.

Chandler has had minor run-ins with the law in the past but in this case he was in a West Memphis rehabilitation center during the time of the robberies. 

"I had thirty people around me at all times," he said. 

Chandler's father contacted police and charges were dropped. But that hasn't ended Chandler's problems. Chandler says a trip Wednesday night to the bowling alley ended in another wild scene.

"Within three minutes I had 15 squad cars in front of that bowling alley, pulling me out of the bowling alley," he said. 

Charges against Chandler were officially ended in court Thursday. Now, Chandler is worried about the court of public opinion. 

"I'm in sales, and a lot of people won't be watching this side of it, they'll just be watching the other side," he said. "They'll be thinking of the bad things and how i was involved."

Chandler hoped word of his innocence will spread as fast as the charges against him were dropped. Police officials said they were just doing their job and the system worked.

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