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Web Site Lists Meth Makers

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation launched a website last week focuse on Meth makers. It's simple to use, type in a name or Tennessee County and you'll see who's been convicted of making meth.

Steve Shular with the Shelby County Sheriff's Department says the website could be helpful to his department if people keep an eye on people previously convicted of making meth.

Shular says the site is a natural addition to sites the sheriff's department already uses, "We created the warrants on-line process where people can go in and check in on people wanted on charges. We also have another web address for retail theft called the alert squad."

Robert Waggener deals one on one with drug addicts. He would oppose the site if it just focused on meth users but he supports efforts to stop suppliers, "It's a totally different story to deal with someone who's creating a public safety issue not only creating a fire hazard but participating in manufacturing sale and distribution of an illegal substance."

Part of the job of the site is to shame those who appear on it, but Waggener says that can be tricky, "Shame is a terrible motivator. Shame actually furthers the self esteem issues, self degradation issues. You actually end up furthering a vicious cycle."

A cycle that some say is spiraling out of control.


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