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Animals at risk at closing shelter

Time is running out for the 20 or so remaining dogs at the McNairy County Animal Shelter in Adamsville, which will be euthanized if they're not adopted before the shelter shuts down Saturday night.

"When you have to put animals to sleep for any reason it's hard, but in this case it was going to be really bad," says McNairy County Humane Society Director Gene Ruth.

The dogs were supposed to be in a brand new shelter by now, but a dispute with the county over the 21 acre property pushed those plans back until next June.

And the town won't allow the current shelter to remain open because it violates city code.

"It's in a residential neighborhood and probably shouldn't be here, but it grew up here," Ruth said.

Town officials say it grew too much over the last 15 years, at times sheltering more than a hundred dogs.

"He promised next year, next year he was going to do something," said Adamsville Mayor Tommy Morris. "The neighbors kept putting up with it, more and more dogs and more and more cats and it got to the point that we got ordinances."

Town leaders chose not to enforce those ordinances for years until neighbors started to complain.

In May, Shelter officials agreed to have the dogs out by December 31st, but that was before the deal for the new shelter fell through.

Still, the town's mayor says seven months should have been enough time to find homes for the dogs.

"He set his own date, so we didn't have no other choice but to say this is it."

Which means this could be it for the dogs that remain at the shelter still waiting for adoption.

Shelter officials say nearly 80 dogs have been adopted or placed in foster families over the last two weeks.

They remain they'll find homes for the remaining dogs before the December 31st deadline.

If you're interested in adopting one of the animals, call  the McNairy Co. Humane Society at 731-632-1864

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