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Neighborhood Watch an important police tool

Memphis police are always busy. Take burglaries for instance. In 2004, the number of burglaries in Memphis was nearly three times the national average. It keeps Neighborhood Watch busy too.

"It's extremely frustrating that people are coming into our neighborhood in broad daylight and burglarizing these homes," says Barry Martindell of Frayser.

Martindell is active in his neighborhood watch. He sometimes plays amateur detective to help catch crooks.

"I even tried to make a citizens arrest on one guy last week," says Martindell.

Police don't recommend that. But they do say good neighborhood watch programs are priceless.

"They gave us the best information we have in order to help us do the job to keep the neighborhood secure," says Lt. Ed Hall of the Memphis Police Department.

There are many active neighborhood watchers in Memphis. It's evident during the annual National Night Out when parties are held to celebrate successes. Police say information provided by neighborhood watch doesn't always pay off. But it's never a waste of time.

"It's better to be safe than sorry," says Lt. Hall. "It doesn't hurt to check out every lead and info that could possibly even save somebody's life," he adds.

And help clean-up crime from one neighborhood to the next. Memphis Police are always looking for more neighborhood watchers. If you'd like to start a group, contact your local MPD precinct and just ask for the neighborhood watch coordinator, or click here for more information.

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