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Family feud possibly behind deadly shooting

The news was difficult for many to take. The city's 153rd murder hit too close to home.

"Horrible, horrible, it's just terrible," says one neighbor.

"It's real quiet, good neighborhood," says another.

But Memphis police say Alvin Matthews was shot multiple times in the driveway of his neighbor's house. He and Charles Jones had an ongoing dispute that came to a head.

"I just talked to my cousin yesterday," says Ontrayl Metthews. "He wanted me to come over and spend some time with him," he adds.

He never thought it would be like this.

"Especially not something as far as a neighbor is concerned," says Matthews.

Jones' family says he didn't like people cutting through his front lawn, including Matthews' kids. Police say the feud turned fatal when Jones pulled a gun.

"He had to be threatened, he had to be threatened," says neighbor John Moore.

While Matthews was taken to the morgue, Charles Jones was transported to The Med with a pre-existing medical condition. Meantime, neighbors are left to wonder how it came to this.

"People in general need to have respect for each other, communicate and understand each other," says Moore. "That's what should happen," he adds.

They just hope a murder scene is something they'll never see again.

Suspect Charles Jones was still at The Med as of late Thursday night. Homicide detectives say he was likely to be charged with murder on Friday.

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