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Man arrested for attempting to kidnap Northaven child

Peter Longley Peter Longley

No one knows how long a stranger had been cruising the streets of a Northaven neighborhood before picking out his prey: an 11-year-old boy.

"I was just scared and it was just terrifying," said the boy, who wanted to remain anonymous.

The child was walking to his grandmother's house a few doors down from his own when a man in a red Mazda pulled up.

"He said to get in the car and he opened the door and said get in the car," he said.

Luckily the child remembered what his parents taught him he screamed and ran to safety. Family members called 911, and minutes later, sheriff's deputies arrested 50-year-old Peter Longley of Memphis. Longley was right around the corner from where the failed abduction had occurred.

Sheriff Mark Luttrell commends the child and his parents for reacting quickly.

"Fortunately it was a text book example of how things should work," Luttrell said.

Investigators say child predators will often case a neighborhood looking for the perfect time to strike. That's why its so important to look for unusual patterns and people in the neighborhood.

"If they didn't catch him he might would have come back and tried to get another kid or me," said the victim.

Instead, quick thinking lead to a happy ending, and a good lesson for others.

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