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Officials don't let dreary 2005 dampen their hopes for 2006

After a year of scandals and budget crises, community leaders are hoping 2006 is a year of reparation and renewal.

City Councilman Myron Lowery opened his speech to community leaders with an apology.

"I want to publicly apologize to the citizens of Memphis," said Lowery. "We've let you down and I haven't heard that from public servants."

Civil servants, religious leaders, business leaders and elected officials came together for Lowery's 15th annual prayer breakfast. They looked back on how the city fared in 2005.

"I believe in all of the issues and all of the negative things that happened, we've all learned something and we've learned that we can do far more together than we can separately or apart," said Barbara Swearengen Holt, of the city council.

It was a year that brought Tennessee Waltz, dead voters, budget crises and public fighting among elected officials.

"Well, there's a disappointment in leadership and the bickering and the fighting and the ego-tripping and staging and posturing, we see that as a waste of time when we could be about doing the business of the city," said Rev. LaSimba Gray, of New Sardis Baptist Church.

Their biggest challenges, perhaps, are to bridge the divide among elected officials and fix the budget.

"You do it by not contributing to the problem, that is public display of anger toward one another. You do it by focusing on issues and not personalities," said Lowery.

He and Swearengen Holt are both upbeat about next year and they're confident that city leaders will restore the public's trust.

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