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Family wants answers in case of dead voter

A Mid-South family is outraged that a family member was listed as voting years that person died. It was a Target Five Investigation that found ballots cast by 68 dead people over the past 10 years.

That same investigation is what alerted a local family. They want to know how this happened and who's responsible.

Ralph L. Scott, was a husband, a father, and a World War II veteran who understood the privilege and power of the vote.

"He took his vote very seriously, he wouldn't tell you, you know when he came home from the polls who he voted for," said Ralph Scott Jr.

Barbara Scott says her husband cast his last ballot in 2000. He died in February 2002. But according to records uncovered by Action News 5, Ralph Scott's name appeared on a ballot cast in August 2004. A neighbor saw Scott's name on the list during a story aired last week and alerted his widow.

"It was just a shock to find out that he had been dead almost four years, and here was his name coming up as voting," she said.

Now the Scotts want to know what really happened.

"There definitely needs to be some kind of overhaul of the system, the election process and the election commission I believe," Scott Jr. said.

It is still not if this is a matter of names of deceased voters simply not being taken off the rolls, or an actual criminal effort by someone to influence the outcome of an election. The Scotts hope they'll get those answers soon.

The Shelby County Election Commission will discuss the results from the Target Five Investigation at its next meeting.

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