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Could the Florida Marlins make a move to Memphis

At one time, the Pyramid was a rumor and a dream, same goes for Autozone Park and Fedexforum. So could the rumor of a Florida Marlins move here come true? Some people certainly hope so. The Marlins are considering a move from South Florida. Cities like Las Vegas and Charlotte have been named as possible new homes. But Memphis has been mentioned too, in-fact the website ranks Memphis as the third best choice. Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau President Kevin Kane thinks chances are slim for the Marlins to move here. Kane remembers the work it took to woo the Grizzlies, "A lot of work goes into something like this. There was a pursuit team, there wa a city/county effort. You had state legislators got involved. It did not happen with just one person or two people." Even though the Redbirds rank second for attendance for a Triple A team, Kane questions whether we could support a major league team, "You probably have to average 30,000 plus people. They play an average of 80 plus game schedule. You're talking 2.5 million people. That's a lot fans for this market. I'm not saying it's an impossibility but it's a stretch." Baseball fan John Daniel wants both major and minor league baseball, "I would prefer they keep the Redbirds, we've had them for so long. Really like to see minor leagues play." Talk about having your cake and eating it too.
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