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No apologies from Chumney to start new year

During his annual prayer breakfast at The Peabody this weekend, Memphis councilman Myron Lowery acknowledged the city's shortcomings in 2005.

"I want to publicly apologize to the citizens of Memphis," said Lowery.

You'll hear no apologies from council colleague Carol Chumney.

"I was really surprised that he would apologize," says Chumney. "What I'd like to see is action on the front end, not excuses on the back end," she adds.

She says Lowery and other council members should instead back her up when it comes to cutting fat at city hall. She cites the time she proposed between $20 and $30 million in cuts, but couldn't get a second.

"I haven't seen any other council members do that," says Chumney. "And quite frankly, I'm frustrated, I'm disappointed, and I'm very concerned about the fiscal health of the city of Memphis," she adds.

Councilman Lowery told Action News 5 he didn't want to be in a story with Carol Chumney and declined an on-camera interview. He says that Chumney's "got her own agenda" and that "we need to focus on issues and not personalities."

"It has nothing to do with personalities," says Chumney. "This is business, this is the business for the people of Memphis," she adds.

What is her message to fellow council members in 2006?

"I'd like to see the council do its job," says Chumney.

But It appears last year's "brawl at city hall" may have been just the beginning.

Council members say a lot of what happens this new year depends on Mayor Willie Herenton's plans. His state of the city address happens Wednesday. Count on Action News 5 for complete coverage.

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