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Superintendent Gets Report Card From Board Members

As report cards go this one's pretty good. School Board Members filled out a binder full of questions ranking Dr. Johnson's performance. School Board President Wanda Halbert gave her grade, "I would give Dr. Johnson a B+." Johnson got high marks for leadership, representing the school district and completing goals. Halbert says there is room for improvement regarding communication between the district and the board, "We need some strong leadership and good communication to make sure we get over some of the hurdles we've been dealing with over the last five years." Vicky Kennedy, a parent who attended the review session, questioned Dr. Johnson's commitment to student safety, "It's just no respect for the teachers. They get up, they cuss the teachers. If they want to hit a teacher, they hit a teacher." Vicky Kennedy's nine year old son was jumped in early December at Raleigh-Egypt Middle School. She blames Dr. Johnson and the district's Blue Ribbon campaign which removed corporal punishment, "I've got two children in the elementary school and one in the middle school and he's going to the High School next year and he's already begging me, 'please don't send me there.' Because it is violent." Dr. Johnson disagrees with that comment. "I don't think that eliminating corporal punishment is the reason that we have disrespectful behavior. I think we have to work with families and we have to work with the other adults in this community." Johnson says there is room for improvement in the program and she'll put it on her list for 2006.
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