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Bizarre circumstances surround carjacking, attempted bank robbery

It was a Range Rover that left the Mercedes Benz of Memphis lot late Tuesday morning. Police say a salesman was forced out by the female driver who claimed to have a gun. The suspected car-jacker, with a two year-old in tow, then tried to rob the Kimberly Clark Credit Union on Second Avenue.

"This just doesn't happen to us," says President & CEO Janice Welch.

The attempted robbery was caught on tape. You can see the Range Rover pulling into the drive thru where the suspect demanded cash.

"And she said I've got a bomb strapped to me so I am robbing you," recalls Welch.

You can see the two-year sitting in the woman's lap throughout the entire ordeal.

"I kept telling the teller she had to get approval before giving her money," says Welch. "We were stalling her," she adds.

Two employees tailed the Range Rover as the suspect drove away. The child's safety was their top concern.

"You know, we weren't sure what she was going to do, so we wanted to find her and make sure the baby was okay," says Executive VP Joel Forbess.

With their help, police cornered the woman in Frayser. The little girl was taken out of the Range Rover unharmed.

The suspect was taken into custody. These credit union employees and the car salesman are left with memories of a very bizarre day.

The name of the suspect is not being released until charges are filed. Those will include federal charges. Meantime, that two year-old child is staying with family members.

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