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Body of missing woman found in Mississippi

Authorities in Tunica County say human remains found this past weekend are those of missing Memphian Norma Massa.

The Tunica County Sheriff's Department says the skeletal remains they found Sunday afternoon have been identified as Norma Massa through dental records.

The 65-year-old went missing in December 2004 when she never showed up to the bus after a field trip to Fitzgerald's Casino with her assisted living home. A massive search followed with no luck. Then, on the one-year anniversary of her death, her daughter erected billboards in a final plea for help to find her missing mother.

It just so happens that about two weeks later, this past weekend, two hunters stumbled upon some bones about a mile from the casino.

As of 2:45 Tuesday afternoon, Norma Massa's family members knew her fate. "There has been no form of foul play discovered. But we have decided to send this further down the chain for forensic experts that deal especially in bones," said Deputy Chief.

They should have a complete report in the next two weeks or so.

At this time, they have not released Massa's exact cause of death.

Massa's daughter said that before they even gave her final confirmation, she knew it was her mother and that she would soon begin making arrangements to give her a proper burial.

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