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Faith leaders weigh-in on "Book of Daniel"

A new show on NBC is already causing controversy just through its promotions.

Action News 5 received hundreds of emails and phone calls from Mid-Southerners complaining about the new series the Book of Daniel before it even hit air.

So Action News 5 brought some Mid-South religious leaders together to watch the first episode before it debuts.

Here's what some had to say about it:

"I think that the outcry about the show I think is going to be warrented although I don't think this show is going to last," said Ed Vitagliano of the American Family Association leading the charge to keep the show off the air.

A representative from the Memphis Catholic Diocese says it is only for adults. "I would say that it's adult programming so I would not expect children to be watching it but I would say that since it is adult programming that adults should be able to make their own choice and that they should be allowed to see it."

"The story line, the comparisons to this show and the Bible Ends after the names of the characters," said George Jackson, a Southern Baptist.

While one member of the clergy said he hoped the show promotes dialog between people of different opinions, the American Family Association plans to monitor which advertisers sign on.

NBC defends the series as a fictional depiction of one American family.

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