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Election chair addresses Shelby County Commissioners on "dead voter" issues

New information came forward Wednesday after a Target Five investigation that uncovered dozens of votes cast by dead voters. Wednesday, the election commission admitted it made a mistake when it released that information.

Shelby County Election Commission Chairman Greg Duckett made his position clear on the issue of dead voters in Shelby County.

"It's an absolute falsehood," he said.

Duckett was referring to reports that almost seventy dead people voted in Shelby County over the last few years. But he admitted the mistake started on the Election Commission's end.

"Unfortunately, we had situations where employees had scanned in as though someone had actually voted, when what was actually written next to that persons name was 'deceased'," Duckett said. "It wasn't a signature, and the employee should not have scanned it in like the person had voted."

Duckett said just to make sure there had been a mistake, staffers went through additional paperwork.

"The number of applications for ballot and the public count numbers match, and the fact that there is no signature and no ballot number by that voters name that they didn't vote in that election," he said.

Duckett said he warned those looking into voter fraud to only use certain documents.

"If you want to make an allegation, please use original documents because, that at the end of the day, is what will be presented in court," he said.

Duckett said there are two suspected cases of dead voters, and he has turned that information over to both the TBI and the District Attorney.

Duckett was in front of Shelby County Commissioners Wednesday to introduce a new computerized voting system he wants to implement. He said while he thinks the new machines will help prevent fraud, more needs to be done to make sure there are less human errors.

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