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Southaven Police warn business owners selling illegal items

Several Southaven store owners recently found out they were selling illegal items. The reality check came directly from Southaven Police Chief Tom Long.

"We really don't have anyone we felt was intentionally trying to break the law," Long said.

Long decided a warning was better than a bust, so he stopped into ten Southaven stores.

"We found about three stores that would have merchandise that under this would be considered drug paraphernalia," Long said. "We gave them a brief time frame to see if they could ship that back to the manufacturer."

Mississippi Law bans the sale of objects that can be used to ingest illegal drugs. That includes hypodermic syringes, water pipes, and bongs.

One item the law does allow is the sale of rolling papers, since they're traditionally used with tobacco. Store owner Uday Keriwala was surprised when Chief Long walked in.

"Tommy explained that you're not supposed to have these types of pipes, and we took it out from our counter," Keriwala said.

Those pipes are now on their way back to the manufacturer.
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