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Accused carjacking mom back at home

The first time we met MeShay Wheaton, police say she was behind the wheel of an SUV car-jacked from a Memphis dealer, a two-year-old in her lap, and attempting to rob the Kimberly Clark credit union. Wheaton was back on the streets late Monday afternoon after posting ten thousand dollars bond. Wheaton's attorney says she is still NOT in her right mind.

"It's something, if you will, that was beyond her control," says Dewun Settle. "She didn't make a choice I don't think, and that's the unfortunate nature of mental illness and that's where we are with her," he adds.

He's pinned the problem on postpartum depression that was never treated.

"We're going to talk with her treating physician, get her some mental health help, and try to address some of these issues," says Settle.

Action News 5 was the only station in federal court as Wheaton posted bond. We confronted her in the hallway where she repeatedly said she couldn't wait to get home. She also told me she couldn't wait to see her little girl.

That's the same little girl who went on that wild ride last week. But visits with the child will require supervision.

"In her mind, she never thought she was putting that child in jeopardy," says Settle.

Settle will try and keep Wheaton from ever serving time. He believes time will be better served getting her the help she needs.

"We could incarcerate her, let her serve her time, but theres no guarantee something like this wouldn't happen again," says Settle.

Wheaton certainly isn't out of the woods. A federal indictment could come next. She also faces possible local charges, including car-jacking.

While out on $10, 000 bond, Wheaton will wear a monitoring device and will be under close supervision.

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