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Attempt to save money is costly for Memphis woman

An attempt to save money on utilities ended up being costly for one Memphis woman.

Lillie Edwards used her fireplace every day to try to keep down her utility bill.

"Because it was going to be cold and with the utility bills, I had to have the tree cut down in the front this summer, so I was gonna have an easier time this year than previous years," she said.

Easier because of her cheap wood supply. But that easy heat turned into flames in her chimney Wednesday morning, when it caught fire.

"The destruction was so bad that we couldn't really tell exactly what happened," said Steven Simmons of the Memphis Fire Department. "It's just a good educated guess."

Investigators are still trying to determine exactly why the chimney fire broke out, but they say it's a good reminder to everyone who uses their fireplace to keep their chimneys clean. Experts say buildup in chimneys can catch fire.

The season for those blazes is just beginning.

"I suspect we're gonna have a lot more like this," Simmons said. "Everybody's trying to beat the gas prices, and go to every means of heating, and of course wood's the first heat we ever had."

Edwards won't take any more chances.

"I'm not going to use it at all," she said of her chimney.

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