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Accelerated Reader helps students at Delano Elementary

Many city schools have taken the MCS Reads program to a new level. Instead of reading just the required two books a month, some students are reading dozens, with the help of a computer program!

At Delano Elementary, second graders raise eager hands to share answers to reading questions. That enthusiasm for reading can be seen throughout the entire school, as all grade levels focus on their Accelerated Reading Point Totals.

Accelerated Reader is a computer program. Students are assigned books based on their grade level, and points are awarded based on the difficulty of the book. The kids are tested on reading comprehension, and need 85% to pass.

"I had a kindergartner say I checked out two books today," said Patrice Shipp, principal at Delano. "As a principal, that just really touches my heart when children are just that excited about reading."

And the children are excited about reading. Lexxus Phillips says the extra reading helps her with her other school work.

"One, when you look as something and you see words you don't know, oh that's a new word I've learned for the day," she said. "And it's just kind of fun because you see the adventures that they have and the fun they have."

Principal Shipp says Accelerated Reader is just a tool to help children learn, but it helps her students with another important life skill.

"They are motivated themselves," she said. "They are motivated within, and that's really the most important thing for students to become internally motivated, and set goals for themselves and obtain those goals."

Those goals are within reach thanks to the power of reading.

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