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New study could mean big changes for city schools

The Memphis City School Board will soon consider a study that could change the way your child attends school. Schools could undergo big changes after school board members get a look at a five year plan that is being called the most comprehensive ever.

School board member Sara Lewis said Thursday it will be the first time that capital needs, transportation, and academics have been looked at in such a comprehensive manner. School utilization is one area the plan looks at.

"What is the utilization rate? What is the optimum rate? I think those are the kinds of decisions the board is going to have to make," Lewis said.

Decisions like whether schools that are underutilized be closed. The study is expected to recommend that the district close some schools.

The picture on transportation also should become much clearer. School board member Wanda Halbert said this is the first study on transportation in 30 years. She expects the report to be quite revealing.

"We're relying on that report to tell us exactly where are we transporting students that are walking two miles or more away from home to get to school, versus other students who walk more than two miles that don't get transportation," Halbert said.

Halbert said the study will give the board the information needed to make decisions about changes that are needed.

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