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Woman warns about alleged con man

They tied the knot in 2000. But by 2001, Paula Terry Locke says her ex-husband Clyde Lee turned violent, stole her life savings and ran up her debts.

"I thought I was with a wonderful caring man who had had some tough breaks in life," she said.

Lee, of Dickson, Tenn., is accused of scamming five wives in all. Wife number five says he pretended to be a former Air Force pilot who went blind after a car accident.

By phone Thursday, Locke said she has reason to believe Lee has been in Mississippi recently at Hollywood and Fitzgerald's casinos.

"Well, I started getting letters back in September saying 'Thank you for your recent stay at our casino in Tunica,'" she said.

In a 2001 interview, Locke told an Ohio television station her ex-husband liked to gamble.

"I know he has a gambling addiction because I found trash bags full of lottery tickets," she said. "Tell me how a blind man is able to fill out these tiny little boxes."

According to Locke, Lee's seeing-eye dog was given to him by The Guiding Eye for the Blind. The school also paid his $30,000 tab for training.

Locke says its just a prop for pity.

"You walk into court with dark glasses and a seeing eye dog and judges tend to throw things out," she said.

Locke hopes no one in the Mid-South will become of victim of this alleged cross country con man.

"I just know what he does to people and how awful it is and it just seems to me that after all this time its time for this to stop," she said.

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