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New year has been violent for many teens

Marvin Stanley has a question for Memphis.

"Are you actually concerned about those babies that lost their lives," he asked. 

In the last week there have been several shootings involving teens.

Police arrested 17-year-old Caesar Johnson after they say he opened fire on three people Monday evening on South Mendenhall. Cedric Stanley and Mark Collins were killed. Edward Stanley was also shot and he is in fair condition at the Med.

Marvin Stanley is the uncle of Edward and Cedric and the associate pastor of Pearly Gates Baptist Church. He is tired of hearing about senseless killings.

"We don't have any more use for it. We're fed up and we're tired of it," he said.

Edward Stanley's mother says she still has to break the news to him that his brother has passed away.

Pastor Ernest Gillespie will lay Cedric Stanley to rest Wednesday. He's a behavior specialist who works with teens at Kirby High School.

"They need love. We've got to put our arms around them and we've got to let them know that we care about you," he said.

He says jail is not the answer.

"The solution is those that we are paying our tax dollars to that's riding around and really sugar coating the problems. They think the jailhouse down at 201 Poplar is going to solve it. That's not solving anything," he said.

Pastor Gillespie says Sunday isn't the only day of the week to reach out.

"We are failing. We are losing. We hallelujah on Sunday, but we've got to come outside of the church and go to where they are," he said.

The family says the big question is why the person who shot the Stanley boys chose to pull the trigger.

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