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Neighbors fearful after attack hospitalizes elderly man

A Memphis man is in the hospital tonight after being attacked in his Raleigh driveway.

Neighbors say this attack could change the way they do things.

They say a young man was walking down the street on Blackwell. He approached the 70-year-old man standing in his driveway, pulled out a gun and demanded his wallet.

When the man couldn't get it out of his back pocket fast enough, the suspect started hitting him in the head with the gun.

Police got the call about 3:30 this afternoon. They told Action News 5 that after the man fell to the ground from the hit to the head the suspect kicked him and made off with his wallet.

Neighbors say the senior was injured, but alert when the ambulance rushed him to the hospital.

"It's really scary because it could have been me," said neighbor Dorothy Black. "I was standing right there. He could have come up to me and I would have done the same thing. If a man is coming down your driveway toward you, especially since he was seen in the neighborhood before, I would have stood there and waited til he got to me."

But she says that mindset will change.

She and her husband, who's a retired MPD officer, are hoping the neighbors will come together to reactivate their neighborhood watch.

The suspect is still on the loose

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