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City Council debates budget solutions

Tuesday morning at a city council budget meeting, a pledge was made to taxpayers.

"This council will operate under the concept that there will be no tax increase this coming fiscal year," said council member Jack Sammons.

That could be a hard promise to keep. While a University of Memphis study has a brighter prediction for this year's budget, the city knows it must find alternative revenue sources.

One proposed option was an increase in some fines or fees, an idea that puzzled one council member Carol Chumney.

"I thought last year all the directors looked at their fines and fees and came in and told us what they thought could be increased, and they did some of this work," she said during the meeting.

"But it was done in a piece meal," Memphis Chief Financial Officer Robert Lipscomb replied. "What we're trying to do is do it in a carte blanche way to make sure we look at every fine and fee, and compare it to other cities."

Memphians can also expect the council to crack down on people who don't pay property taxes, or other monies they owe the city of Memphis.

Many of these are just ideas still in the making. The council expects to have a more definite course of action next month.

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