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Commissioner gets answers on million dollar resolution

Shelby County is studying its how much it pays its employees. As part of that, the county is looking for ways to give employees raises, even in these tight budget times.

Wednesday, one commissioner got answers on what last week he said was a million dollars that slipped through the cracks.

Last week, John Willingham told Action News Five a million dollar resolution had passed under the radar. It had passed by the commission during the rarely debated consent agenda in early January. Willingham re-iterated Thursday the resolution, intended for raises, was not clear.

"The resolution didn't address what the money was going for," he said.

Willingham went as far as to say last week that the million dollars in raises slipped through the cracks. County Finance Director Jim Huntzicker said it was more a matter of Willingham not understanding the issue.

"That resolution apparently generated concern on the part of at least one commissioner who didn't understand what we were doing," Huntzicker said.

Huntzicker also told commissioners today that he took exception with claims the matter had slipped through the cracks. "To point out that we tried to slip something through, I can't remember an issue that we have brought to this body that's gotten more discussion over a two year period," he said.

Despite complaints from county employees and taxpayers, Willingham seemed more satisfied Wednesday about what the million dollars would be spent on.

"It wasn't clear," Willingham said. "We learned today that its still a work in progress."

About half of the million dollars will go to various attorneys in county government, who often leave for private practice where they can make more money.

What's not clear yet it who will be awarded raises with the rest of the money.

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