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Senators speak out about subcommittee vote

Capitol Hill in Nashville looks serene tonight, but it's a place filled with fireworks and troubled times.

Senators tell Action News 5 that they never wanted to have to deal with a problem like voting to void an election. Senators in Nashville debated ethics Wednesday.

Democrat Ophelia Ford holds the Senate seat for district 29 under a cloud of accusations of voter fraud. The allegations range from dead voters to felons casting ballots and her fellow Senators voted in committee to void the election.

Ford would have lost that seat if that vote had been upheld.

"I've been here for 40 years and in my 40 years this has never happened," said Sen. Curtis Person, (R) Memphis. "So it's (a) very unique, unfortunate situation."

Some senators say the Senate seat 29 election is just too suspect.

"There was enough irregularity and allegations and some fraud alleged here, there was no way we could proceed with this member sitting as a result of the election process," said Sen. Mark Norris, (R) Collierville.

"It's a difficult vote," said Sen. Steve Cohen, (D) Memphis. "You have to think and they're not sure and not every vote is 100 percent. It's not black and white."

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