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"Underground house" ground under

It wasn't a block party with bar-be-que and music that brought neighbors out of their homes, but the sweet sound of heavy equipment.

"A lot of people called it underground, but really it was a subterranean house, where the earth was built up onto the walls of the structure," said neighbor Barbara Himber.

Himber was a neighbor to the house that used to sit on a lot in the 600 block of McLean. It was called the "underground house," but in November it earned the dubious distinction in the Memphis Flyer of being the second ugliest place in town.

"We were all in agreement," Himber said.

The three bedroom, two bathroom home was built in 1979. It changed owners several times, and had been vacant the past 10 years. The current owner planned to put new siding on the building and expand, but the city rejected that plan.

"It was unearthed about a year and a half ago," said neighbor Suzi Cody. "All the vegetation and all the landscape was taken away, and it was slowly just falling apart. It was really a health hazard and an eyesore."

An eyesore that drove Central Garden residents to the city to complain, and get the house condemned. Finally, the owner had the underground house ground under.

"We're glad to see it gone, and hope that something that fits this neighborhood will replace it," Himber said.

Certainly the corner of McLean and Cowden will never be the same, and the neighbors are glad.

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