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Donna David sits down Cuba Gooding, Jr.

He flexed his muscle in "Jerry McGuire," touched our hearts in "Radio" and made us laugh hysterically in "Boat Trip."

Now, the versatile Cuba Gooding Jr., is getting dirty in Memphis.

Action News 5's Donna Davis had a chance to talk with him today as his new film "Dirty" launched in the Bluff City.

He charmed his way into our hearts, and to Oscar glory as the arrogant, yet lovable pro-athlete in Jerry Maguire. But in his latest film, "Dirty," Cuba Gooding Jr plays a much darker character. A corrupt cop who's in too deep.

"I think we learn through the progress of the movie that these two police officers who take on the mentality of gang members slowly become one," said Gooding.

It's a gritty, dirty role, one his fans have told him they aren't used to seeing him play. Gooding is in Memphis for the film's pre-release screening.

He told Donna Davis that he's definitely had his own "dirty" experiences.

"Growing up in LA as a breakdancer in the early '80's and dancing for change, there were a couple of incidences," he said. "And still even as a successful actor, you can be in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time and be questioned."

Gooding calls it his most socially relevant work since the urban classic "Boyz in the Hood," a tale of young black men trying to survive south central L.A.

In "Dirty," these cops find redemption elusive.

"Dirty" opens in Memphis on Friday.

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