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University investigates alleged hazing incident

Three University of Memphis student athletes painted up and dressed in revealing clothes. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the question behind this one is, whether one of those words is "hazing."

When the Daily Helmsman hit the stands Thursday morning, the picture was plastered on the front page. Three freshman cross-country athletes dressed in revealing clothing, and painted up with the terms "frosh" and "fresh-meat."

The independent student newspaper claims the picture shows an apparent hazing incident. The University says, that's just not the case.

According to the University of Memphis Code of Student Conduct, hazing is defined in part as an act that, "induces or coerces a student to endanger his or her mental or physical health or safety, and includes treatment of a shameful, insulting or humiliating nature."

Associate Athletic Director Bob Winn says the school takes steps to insure its athletes know that definition and don't step over the lines. However, Winn says the University is continuing to look into the matter.

While the athletic department is continuing to investigate the hazing allegations, the girls could be in violation of the student code of ethics as it pertains to underage drinking.

All three girls are under the age of 21.

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