Republican Senators summoned to appear in Ford's federal suit

Tennessee State Senator Ophelia Ford is taking some of her fellow senators to federal court Wednesday over the vote to void her election victory.

Action News 5 has learned two Republican Senators from Shelby County have been summoned to appear at that Federal hearing Wednesday. The problem is that it's the same day they are scheduled to be in Nashville in the Senate.

State Senator Mark Norris brought it up in the Senate in Nashville on Thursday. How can the vote on District 29 happen next Wednesday when some senators will be in Memphis in federal court? They would have to be two places at the same time.

"Is Lt. Gov. Wilder going to send the Highway Patrol out to arrest those of us who have been served with a summons and complaint in federal court," asked Sen. Mark Norris, (R) Collierville.

Norris and Republican Sen. Curtis Person both got summonses to appear in federal court Wednesday when Judge Bernice Donald rules on a temporary restraining order she issued which blocked the Senate from voting on the district 29 election earlier this week.

The vote could have expelled Sen. Ophelia Ford.

Democratic Senator Steve Cohen doesn't believe that scheduled Wednesday vote will actually take place.

"Unless the court rules that morning and lifts their injunction, we cannot vote," said Cohen.

Cohen wants the investigation into the election irregularities to continue and the report from the TBI completed before any vote is taken.

Norris says he has no idea why he and Sen. Curtis Person got the summons, but he'll be in federal court on Wednesday.