Nesbit homeowners say they were left high and dry

About 30 Nesbit homeowners have been on a roller coaster ride with their water service for weeks and they're bracing for another big drop. Tiffany Bridgewater says she's running dry on patience.

"We are having to leave at 4:30 and 5 in the morning and go to a relative's house to get ready for school and work," she said.

The DeSoto County Supervisor is among the lot.

"It's just unfortunate that it's taken so long and why it's broken twice in two weeks, I don't know. That's a matter with Days Water and their contractor," explained Supervisor Allen Latimer.

It's out of the county's hands because Days Water is an independent association owned by the residents. They're upset because they can't get answers about what's happening.

"What's really going on? Let us know," questioned LeShaunda Sanders.

Action News 5 tracked down the association's board president. Robin James says the problems arose during an expansion project to install wider water pipes to accommodate population growth.

"The big problem is now they're trying to hook some valves together and they cannot keep 'em together," said James.

He's asking for patience from homeowners, but they want action.

"If the person that they had, the contractors are not doing their job, they should get somebody else that can," said Sanders.

"Maybe we can all petition together to get something done. It's gonna take more than one voice," Bridgewater added.

There's no word when the construction will be complete. Action News 5 made several attempts to contact Nelson Plumbing Company out of Memphis. They never returned the calls.

The water came back on shortly after our cameras arrived in Nesbit, but there's more construction to do, so the residents are not out of the woods yet.