Fourth voter joins Ford's lawsuit against Senators, Roland

There's another twist along the road to ethics reform in Tennessee.

A woman who says she was wrongly accused in the District 29 voting scandal has joined Ophelia Ford's federal lawsuit.

Naomi Tate sent a letter to the state Senate after learning her name was on the list of 40 voters in question.

The election came into question after Republican Terry Roland released a list of people he says were not eligible to vote in the special election.

The Senate voided Democrat Ophelia Ford's win, but then a Memphis judged blocked the senate vote.

Tate says the Senate was falsely informed that she lived outside District 29. She joins a lawsuit with three other District 29 residents who claim throwing out their votes violates the Voting Rights Act and the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment's.

However, the Roland campaign questions why the other 39 voters haven't come forward and claimed their innocence.

This Wednesday, there's a hearing over whether or not to lift that injunction on the senate vote to void Ford's win.

This is going to be a busy week with regards to the District 29 election.

A federal court hearing is scheduled in Memphis Wednesday morning. If the judge lifts the injunction the Senate could vote to void the election.

If the vote goes with the committee Ophelia Ford would immediately lose her senate seat. Shelby County Commissioners would appoint someone to serve until the general election November 7th.