Fire leaves apartment residents in the cold

An overnight fire gutted an apartment building and left a handful of families out in the cold

Work crews boarded up the damaged apartments this morning as residents tried to gather up their belongings not damaged by the fire.

It took more than 50-firefighters to get the blaze under control. Two-people had to be rescued by ladder.

"Actually, I was asleep during the fire," Andrea Robinson said. "I came out while they were still putting it out...All of the smoke woke me up and I just got up, went to the door and saw all of the flames and then when I saw all of the flames I just ran straight out of the door and then the firemen had grabbed me."

Some residents got out with only the clothes on their back. No one was hurt.

Investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the fire.

Residents who lost their homes have been moved to other apartments in the complex.