Brazen thief poses as car-buyer

A warning tonight for anyone trying to sell a car.

A Memphis woman who wanted to sell, wound up having her car stolen right from her driveway.

Fara Snowden listed her 2002 Honda with a sell-by-owner service.

But when a man pretending to be an interested buyer got inside the car, he locked Snowden out.

"I knocked on the window, you know, thinking he had hit the locks by accident and then that's when he threw it in gear because it was already on and started backing out and that's when it clicked...he's taking my car," said Snowden..

Snowden's car is still missing tonight and Memphis police say this is not the first time they've had to investigate this type of crime.

There are ways to protect yourself according to "sell it yourself" sites.

Meet potential buyers in a well-lit, publi spot and remove all other keys from your key ring.