Vandals coat Raleigh-Egypt with graffiti

Parents dropping their children off at Raleigh-Egypt High School Monday morning were greeted by a shock. Sunday night, vandals painted profanities and graffiti all over the walls outside the school.

"I hate it happened to the school," said parent Tonya Turner. "If parents don't crack down on our kids, and knowing what our kids are, and what they are doing, then this is going to start happening all over the place"

Students that spoke to Action News 5 said the problem already has started. School spokesman Vince McCaskill said the police are investigating the incident. According to McCaskill, in addition to being offensive, the graffiti will also be expensive to clean up.

"Those are dollars that could otherwise be used for classroom instruction and things of that nature, he said.

Officials at Raleigh-Egypt said several security cameras that monitor the school's campus were operating Sunday night, and that vandals may have been caught on tape.

"We are going to work with law enforcement to find out who's responsible, and bring them to justice," McCaskill said.