Fayette County experiences building boom

There's a building boom in the Mid-South, and one Tennessee county is benefiting, with more and more stores going up in Fayette County.

The first home in the new Cloisters subdivision is going up, opening the door to more upscale growth in Fayette County.

The lots, like most Hickory Withe subdivisions, are large and wooded. The natural setting is why Evie Medley moved to Fayette County from Florida five years ago.

"It was out in the open and had lots of potential to grow," she said. "We met lots of nice people. It's a place I'd want my family to be raised in."

Since then, the nearby town of Oakland has become the fastest growing in Fayette County. A grocery store, strip mall, even a McDonald's have been built in the once tiny town.

Joe Andrews, a Tucson, Arizona native, likes the small town feel, but is afraid that's about to change.

"What we see more than anything else is the clearing of a lot of land along highway 64, which kind of tells us that we're gonna see a lot more growth," he said.

Resident Stephanie Taylor has mixed feelings about growth.

"I personally like it cause I don't like having to drive 30 minutes for everything, but my husband doesn't want everybody to start coming out here," she said.

For now, they'll enjoy the wide open spaces, and if it gets too crowded, they'll just move further east.