Tiger Mania as Team Moves to #3

The Tigers moved up one spot to 3rd in the country in both the AP poll and the coaches poll released Monday. They're inching towards number 1, and fans are taking notice. The numbers are good. 17 wins and just 2 losses, after playing arguably the toughest schedule in the country. Yes the Memphis Tigers are moving towards number one in the country for the first time since 1985 when they made it to the final four with Keith Lee.

"We scheduled everybody. We took on all comers, we truied to schedule more, they would not play. Those are probably the people saying we're over rated, " John Calipari said at practice.

Guard Chris Douglas Roberts said the ranking is nice but..."Our main goal is winning the national championship. So if we don't get to be number 1, if we still are number we still feel we can win the national championship."

Yes Tiger mania is here....from packed houses at FedExForum to showroom room windows filled with Tiger apparel, the Tigers are everywhere. Tiger bookstore is seeing the merchandise flying off the shelves.

"Our sales have really picked up were having to constantly re-order each week buying t-shirts and jerseys because we can't keep up with the demand that's coming with this."

Even business owners want to get in on the action. Sean Renner the owner of an electric company made sure he advertised on the basketball schedule. The big winners in all this of course are the fans.

"I've seen a lot of excitement through the fans and my friends. Everybody is like I need a ticket because tickets are so hard to come by these days since they're so good," remarked Chris Cathey.

The next chance to see them, Thursday at FedExForum against UAB.