Cooper suspended from Tiger basketball team

In a statement released Tuesday, the University of Memphis announced that freshmen reserve center Kareem Cooper has been suspended from the Tiger basketball team, following a weekend arrest for drug possession in Millington.

Cooper will be allowed to practice with the team, but not play in games.  At pratice Tuesday, Cooper said he was happy Coach John Calipari was giving him a second chance.  "I would like to come and apologize to my team," he said.  "I made a mistake.  I did wrong."

Coach John Calipari said there would be other internal disciplinary action against Cooper, but would not say what measures would be taken.

"I believe that Kareem understands the enormity of the situation and is very sorry for what he did," Calipari said in the school's statement. "He knows that he is being held responsible for his actions and the effect this incident has had on our team. He realizes that his actions are totally unacceptable for any member of our team.

"We will always try to be firm, yet fair in the discipline of our squad," the Calipari said in the statement. "We will always try to do what I think is in the best interest of the University, the team and the individual involved and hopefully, the punishment will be for the betterment of the student-athlete."

Around 2:45am Monday morning, Cooper was pulled over on Highway 51 near Paul Barrett Parkway.

A Millington Police report said Cooper swerved over the center line on Highway 51 in Millington five times. When an officer pulled him over, the report shows Cooper pulled over on the wrong side of the road, and was ordered to move to the right side.

That's when the officer said he smelled "the overwhelming and obvious odor of burned marijuana".

The police report shows Cooper told the officer there was a small amount of marijuana in the car's console. Cooper was arrested on a misdemeanor drug charge around 3:45 Monday morning at the Millington Police Department.