Experts say Wednesday's Senate 29 hearing might be unprecedented

Wednesday, a parade of attorneys from Nashville and Memphis, as well as subpoenaed state senators, will walk through the doors of the Federal Building in Memphis for a hearing that could block the Tennessee state senate from voting to void the District 29 election.
Nobody really knows exactly what will happen but experts told Action News 5 Tuesday it will be fascinating.

Tennessee State Senators Curtis Person and Mark Norris be in Memphis after they were both subpoenaed and ordered to be present at the hearing.  Norris said he will be there, but doesn't exactly like it.

"No legislator should be called to account for his or her statements anywhere but in the general assembly."

Norris, Person and Senator Don McCleary of Humboldt were subpoenaed. They are the three senators from West Tennessee who voted to unseat Senator Ophelia Ford.  Federal Judge Bernice Donald granted a restraining order last week that temporarily blocked the Senate's final vote on whether to void the District 29 vote. On Wednesday Donald will hold a hearing on a temporary injunction filed by Ford's attorney.  If granted, it would ban the senate from voting.

Experts say the proceedings will likely be lengthy, possibly taking hours. They could be complicated, but should be a good civics lesson on free speech, federalism, and state's rights."

Veteran attorney Steve Farese says the case could also end before it begins if Judge Donald rules a certain way.

"The judge could dissolve the temporary restraining order, or the judge could extend through the injunction, preventing the legislature from voting on the issue," He said.

Farese said the case is being watched closely by attorneys who consider it to be unprecidented.