Police raid houses as part of Operation Blue Crush

Memphis police officers put down their guns and picked up drills, boarding up and shutting down a house they say was being used to sell cocaine. Late Tuesday afternoon, police raided two houses in the 2000 block of Warren street. The bust was part of Operation Blue Crush. Freddie Atkins and Wanda Robinson were arrested, both were indicted Tuesday on three felony counts of selling cocaine. One neighbor, who didn't want to give his name, said he's not surprised police believe drugs were being sold, "I see people come walking by and stuff like that but I never be too nosy." Police took us inside the house they were boarding up. Police Director Larry Godwin described what he saw, "When I came in the table was full of drugs and it was sitting near the doors." Officers say several people had been living here illegally. Rooms were torn apart and the stench was overwhelming. District Attorney Bill Gibbons said police had been watching this neighborhood and previously arrested five people using and selling cocaine, "It is our intention to make sure they have a safe place in which to live and raise their families." One home was boarded up, the other had this sign stuck in the front yard, allowing only an elderly woman living there to go in and out of the home.