Judge hears arguments in District 29 election hearing

Senator Ophelia Ford arrived at Federal Court in an optimistic mood.

"I feel good," she said. "I feel like the judge will be fair."

Inside the courtroom, the jury box was filled mainly with state senators, three of them subpoenaed to be there, the rest there by choice, for a hearing that will affect all of them.

Judge Bernice Donald heard arguments from the many attorneys, including state attorney general Paul Summers, all of them representing the many defendants and plaintiffs.

One of the main points attorneys representing the senators made was that nothing has happened; the full senate has not voted on whether to void the election for senate district 29.

"The important thing is the senate committee has acted and senate has not," said plaintiff Curtis Person. "The matter before the senate has not been concluded. There's not anyway you can presume what the senate is going to do, so this matter has not been concluded in the senate."

The question is, did Ophelia Ford jump the gun by asking for the restraining order too soon? Ford's attorneys maintain she did not.

Republican senator Ron Ramsey says it's clear to him after a committee investigation that the district 29 special election was tainted .

"We gathered evidence and we found out about 44 people who didn't live in the district," Ramsey said.

It is all part of what Judge Bernice Donald will consider in deciding whether to block the full senate from taking that vote to void the election and expel Ophelia Ford from the senate.