Student passes out prescription medicine at West Memphis elementary school

It was a little blue pill that sent parents and school administrators into a frenzy early Wednesday morning at Avondale Elementary in West Memphis.

Police say a five year old student brought several of the blue pills to school Wednesday.

Inspector Bill Sanders of the West Memphis Police Department said the pill is called Xypreza, and is used to treat Schizophrenia and Depression.

"He gave these pills to other students and told them it was candy," Sanders said. "We have three students who actually ingested the candy, or the pill, and they're at LeBonheur Children's Hospital being checked out now."

Another student who said she spit the pill out was taken to Crittenden Memorial Hospital for observation.

Teresa Natereli was just one of the many startled parents who learned about the pill passing.

"It's a little shocking that a five year old get a hold of Mommy and Daddy's medicines that aren't supposed to get in there," she said.

Natereli hopes her first grader will remember the lessons she says all parents should teach.

"That's something you teach them early on whether it be Tylenol Liquid, whether it be a pill," she said. "You don't touch it. That's some kind of medicine, and it's not good for you unless Mommy and Daddy give it to you."

School administrators say they spent most of the day talking with students and sent letters home to parents.

Neither the child nor is parents face any charges.

The Arkansas Department of Human Services was called in and will meet with and monitor the family.

At last report all four students were in good condition and at least two have been sent home.