Tennessee flight attendant charged for luggage grenade

A Northwest Airlines flight attendant has been grounded after airport screeners found a real, but inactive grenade in her luggage in Milwaukee.

39-year-old Pamela Davis of Cordova had been scheduled to work on a Milwaukee-to-Detroit flight Tuesday morning when federal Transportation Security Administration officers detected the grenade in her baggage.

Davis told deputies she purchased the grenade at an Army surplus store as a present for her son.

Northwest Airlines spokesperson said the airline was conducting an internal investigation on the matter. The airline said all flight attendants are trained in homeland security and government policies about what is banned on flights.

The airline is not allowing Davis to work at the current time. She is free to go home to Memphis. The district attorney in Milwaukee and federal authorities are reviewing charges against her. Davis could face misdemeanor misconduct charges and a federal fine of up to $1,500.