Police say "White Jeep Rapist" is behind bars

Police call him the " White Jeep Rapist" because a white Jeep was used in the rapes.

Eric Curry is charged in three rapes but suspected in many more.

The affidavit of complaint has some extremely disturbing details of the three rapes Curry is charged with.

Curry appeared in criminal court to answer to charges of three rapes and kidnapping involving three women. His wife left the hearing without talking.

"They were brutal rapes and we were glad to get him off the streets," said Lt. Terry Landrum, of the MPD.

Police say the rapes were sadistic.

According to an affidavit, Curry picked up a woman carrying a bag of groceries near Third and Brooks. He drove her to a nearby cemetery at gunpoint and raped her then urinated on her.

A 15-year-old victim was at her friend's home waiting for her foster parents to pick her up when a man came up to her, forced her in his white jeep at gun point and raped her in a wooded area.

Police suspect Curry in at least 18 other rapes.

Police say the rapist traveled in areas known for prostitution and the rapist was targeting prostitutes even though all of his victims were not prostitutes.

Investigators say the rapist's victims ranged in age from 15 to 49-years-old and were white and black. Police noticed similarities in the rapes that began in 2003. A white Jeep Cherokee was used in most of the crimes.

Patrol officers stopped Curry and eventually searched his apartment where he lived with his wife and children. They found a gun and clothing described by one of the victims.

Curry's neighbor Erica Johnson says police have the wrong man.

"I don't believe he raped nobody because he seemed like a nice person," said Johnson. "He helped with the kids and was nice to his wife."

Eric Curry was identified in a photo lineup and is behind bars at 201 Poplar on a $750,000 bond. Police expect to charge him with more rapes.