Increased police presence makes students feel safer

Ask police brass or the head of the University of Memphis, and they'll tell you that the Memphis Police Department moving on to campus into an unused building has nothing to do with a string of shotgun robberies that happened near the school.

They say they just want make the school and surrounding community safer. But nearly a week later, students like Zach Beaver are still talking about the shotgun robberies.

"Of course we've been hearing about the buzz about the shotgun robber and the three robberies over close to campus," Beaver said. "But we're not too worried about it, cause we haven't had anything real close to our house happen."

Beaver and his roommate John Arnold live near campus in an area that's always patrolled by university police. Even though they feel pretty safe, they hear about crimes in their neighborhood.

"Last night we heard that someone got robbed right down the street, on Spottswood right down here," Arnold said. "That's about all I've heard of, besides people walking around breaking into cars."

Students who live off campus are confident that a partnership between MPD and Campus Police will make the area safer, especially when it comes to response times.

Lindy Scott and her roommates said they have had to call police to chase stranger away from their home. "We've had to call a couple of times," Scott said. "It takes a matter of 10-15 minutes before we see somebody even drive by, so it will be nice to know that as soon as we call it will be a lot quicker."

Because anything could happen in a matter of seconds.