Glitches cause headaches for those seeking help from new CSA call center

The Shelby County Community Service Agency's new call center hit a major glitch Monday morning as thousands of people tried to call in to get help paying their utility bill.

From the moment the new call center opened, phones began ringing off the hook. Less than three hours after opening, many of those phoning in to the center experienced a busy signal. Meanwhile, the Criminal Justice Center, Memphis City Hall, and a number of other agencies that share the call center's 545 prefix were sending out busy signals too, leaving many callers upset.

Call center officials said that the phone company eventually solved the problem by issuing a separate trunk line. They said the busy signals cleared up about 15 members after that. Still, even later in the day, the busy signals persisted. When the problem was pointed out to CSA officials, they asked that callers keep trying to get though.

Organizers of the call center said late Monday afternoon that the glitches should be worked out. People who would like to ask the CSA for assistance should call 545-2200 between 8:00am and 8:00pm. Appointments with the CSA must be made over the phone.