Crime puts roller rink in spotlight again

Roller skating is usually the only action you'll find inside The Crystal Palace. But a Sunday night rap concert resulted in pushing, shoving, and other disorderly conduct.

"Police cars everywhere," says attendee Kenneth Lee. "I mean, we saw blue lights flashing everywhere!" he recalls.

The Franchise Boyz had top billing and attracted more than 1500 fans. Things got rowdy when the skating rink reached capacity and some had to be turned away.

"They wanted to see them," says manager Mary Jordan. "And when you say no, we can't let you in, we've reached capacity, that's heartbreaking and that's what it was," she adds.

"So, I went ahead and called local law enforcement to come in and assist us with that problem," says manager Landius Matthews.

Police arrested two teens. Managers say the bad news gives them a bad rap.

"Sometimes things happen around here and you know, we get blamed for it," says Jordan.

The Crystal Palace made news last February when a 13-year-old was shot an killed outside a nearby gas station.

Police say he'd just left the roller rink when he was gunned down. But Matthews and Jordan say they can't control what happens when people leave. They can control what happens inside.

"I let my grand-babies skate here as well and if it were not safe, I would not let my grand-babies come here," says Jordan.

Managers say both they and the concert promoter provided security Sunday night. They admit, they may need more the next time a popular act appears.