Testimony heard in day two of the Schmitz Trial

Tuesday in a Brownsville courtroom, the girls who blew the whistle on Debra and Tom Schmitz told their disturbing stories.  One by one, the children took the stand, to tell shocking stories of abuse.

"And then, she picked me up and threw me on the refrigerator, and then after that she threw me on the floor," one of the girls said. "When I backed up, she took all my clothes off. She told me to go up stairs and sleep on the floor naked."

Another child described the punishments she says she endured the day she refused to tell Debra Schmitz the name of a boy who wrote her a note.

"First she took my ponytail and cut it off with the scissors," she said. "Then she took a razor and cut it with a razor."

Then she was taken outside the home where a running garden hose was placed in her mouth.

"When I couldn't stop crying, Tom took me outside and...and put the hose in my mouth and told me to stop crying or he would keep it there till I stopped crying," she said.

The girl testified she was then told to dig her own grave.

"That they could kill me, and I'd just fall in the grave, and all they'd have to do is throw the dirt on top, and nobody would care," she said.

Finally, two of the oldest children told a home nurse about the alleged abuse going on in the Schmitz household.

"She said she would help us, and I was so happy 'cause she said that," one of the girls said.

Then they waited for DCS to come.

Children told of having their heads held under water, of being forced to sit in cow manure for hours, and eat their own vomit.

Testimony will resume on Wednesday.