Only on 5: Memphis Schools evaluate cost of bussing students

Everytime a

bus rolls, money is being spent. Too much money, according to the new five year master plan. The master plan revealed busses that run half empty, stops that may be too close together and costs that may be way out of whack. Memphis transports close to 19,000 students each year at a cost of twenty two thousand dollars. That breaks down to almost twelve hundred dollars per student. Compare that to Nashville with double the number of riders at a total cost of twenty two milliom dollars but less than 500 dollars per student. Chattanooga moves 32, 954 students but spends only 334 dollars per student.

says the numbers look bad but he also says the district is unique in the distance its busses cover and has a large number of special education students riding special busses that require extra staffing, "We provide almost sometimes door to door transportation service to our needed population."

has asked for a review of the money spent on bussing and to make sure the study compares to apples to apples.