Report aims to bring more movie making dollars to Memphis

A report submitted to Tennessee's Legislature and Governor Phil Bredesen Wednesday is aimed at bringing more movie making dollars to Memphis and the rest of the state.

The report outlines a package of incentives that would provide tax breaks to movie companies that set up shop in Tennessee.

The report says Tennessee could attract even more movie makers by following the lead of other states that offer more generous incentives.

The report supports a sliding scale of tax breaks. In exchange movie companies would involve more Tennessee residents and companies in their productions. It also suggests that Tennessee create and support a network of state colleges that would teach residents how to become everything from camera operators to producers.

The report also advises that the State of Tennessee should try to get companies involved in the multi-billion dollar video game industry to develop operations in Tennessee.

The next step is for the governor and the legislature to study the information and decide if they will turn it into a bill.